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stone mosaic

Stone Wall Mosaics

Natural Stone wall mosaic tile designs and sizes that may be utilised as interior or outdoor wall cladding decorations. Make your home decor come to life with sweeping hues of stone wall mosaic tiles, hurl a riot of colour down with stone mosaic designs, or transform your bathroom into a sumptuous antiquity with wall mosaic decorations. Stone Ideas offers a wide range of Stone mosaic


cladding tiles for wall covering.

stone wall panel

Natural Stone wall panels in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns revitalise the walls with distinct expression and flair. Add a custom appearance in your workplace with our smooth textured wall panel cladding, or liven up the living room area with one of the sparkling slate wall stone panel cladding. Decorate your bedroom walls with 3D wall panels to show off your artistic side, or create your accent walls with softly textured stone wall panels cladding in rustic colours. 

stone mural mosaic

Stone Mural Cladding

With sculpted natural stone wall mural cladding, you can take your interior and exterior wall décor to the next level. Wall stone murals, which are carved or chiseled into gorgeous and intricate designs, give the wall decor a sumptuous, imperial personality.  With a plethora of patterns, colours, sizes, shapes, and types of stone wall murals available at Stone Ideas, you may select or design the ideal stone murals to complement

your home décor ideas.

Stone Wall Panels

stone wall decor

Natural Stone Engraving

The Art Of Stone Carving  - Eternal Beauty in all its forms

Our amazing collection of engraved stone wall panels will make your place stand out with Grace. A wide range of skills were used to create the sophisticated collection of engraved stone panels.The richness of natural stone beauty inspire the ornamental wall covering. To complement your style, the artistic collection is available in a variety of styles and textures. The result is a collection of rich and modern stone art that will make any home decor sumptuous and wow-worthy. Our eye-catching carved stone panel designs are available in the natural beauty of marble, limestone, sandstone, limestone, granite, and other natural stones.

stone wall tiles

Stone Bricks wall cladding Tiles, when carved and constructed with creative designs, adds a seductive and exquisite appearance to whatever room they are used in. They are a considerably more inexpensive and imaginative choice for generating the illusion of raw, natural stones on interior or exterior walls and structures, with limitless pattern and designs options. Stone wall cladding bricks Available in many colours and design. It can turn any simple wall


statement wall.

stone veneer sheets

Stone veneer is a gorgeous, distinctive, and long-lasting stone product.
Thin Stone Veneer sheets, which is made of natural stone and has a thickness range of 1 to 2 millimetres, would add a mesmerising natural touch to any area, whether it be interior or exterior. Natural Stone Veneer blends the lovely appearance and feel of natural stones with the simplicity of installation.Stone veneer can also be carved to flawlessly to create shadow effects that resemble actual stone finishes.

staircase wall design ideas

Interior and exterior spaces of our homes and offices are undeniable extensions of our personal visions and dreams. Our experienced artists and designers can help you create the perfect space for yourself, with our available stone wall cladding products and new innovative designs. Whether it is exterior structures, entire or simply an exclusive , we can ornate them with original designer stone work that will leave all the onlookers mesmerised! If you searching an elegant way to  decorate your home, consider installing Designer stone cladding.

Stone Wall Bricks

Natural Stone Veneer

Designer stone cladding

Natural Stone Wall Cladding

For Subtle and Sophisticated stone wall design ideas

As market leaders in natural stone wall cladding , we continue to be game changers in the stone industry sector, and this rock face wall cladding is a critical step in our premium stone cladding solutions."
The brightness of Stone wall Cladding will lend an attractive elegance to your home's interior. Strip Natural stone cladding creates a radiant sheen in your internal and external areas with natural face patterns.
With the natural stone wall cladding tiles, you may give a touch of calm to your elevation wall. With a wide range of iridescent hues and patterns, you may create the interiors of your dreams.

stone wall panels


Natural Stone wall cladding Manufacturer

Stone Ideas is a natural stone wall cladding tiles manufacturing and design company based in Udaipur, India. Founded in 2012, we quickly expanded to have clients and stone dealerships worldwide. As a Natural stone company invested in the art of designing spaces, we don’t simply sell stone wall cladding or CNC engraving grids. Instead, we create original stone designs customised to enrich and accentuate interior and exterior spaces, while preserving and enhancing the organic texture of natural stones. With the vision to become innovators and architects of natural stone products, we push the limits of technology, design, possibility and creativity with every single project.  

At Stone Ideas, quality is our mission. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need, when you need it. Our customers love working with us because we produce high quality Natural stone wall cladding products with an exceptionally fast turnaround. Reach out today to get the best stone design ideas and make your interiors better with Stone Ideas.

office wall design ideas
accent wall stone
Image by Denis Agati
Image by Dana DeVolk

Interior & Exterior Home Wall Decor Using Natural Stone Cladding 

Spectacular is when your vision manifests with all its magnificence and power. Spectacular is when every time you look at something, it takes your breath away. Spectacular is when elegance of nature entwines with creativity and quality. Architects & Interior Designers loves Natural Stone because of its timeless, vivid, and fluid appearance. Its wide range of hues makes it ideal for adding sophistication and beauty to both large and small settings. Natural Stone's adaptability is shown in the variety of finishes available, including Soft, rock, polished, honed, brushed, and leathered and is available in a variety of colours ranging from grey to brown to white and pink. Sealing and preserving the surface assures that it will last a lifetime. Experience spectacular with our handpicked designer stone walls ideas.

S T O N E   W A L L   D E C O R  I D E A S

elevation stone cladding


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