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stone wall cladding for livingroom

Wall Design 

livingroom wall design ideas

Stone Wall Mosaic

Spice Up the ambiance with Stone Ideas's designer natural stone walls Mosaic Tiles.

wall stone panels

Stone wall panels

New, innovative, high-quality endless options available in Stone Wall Panels.

stone wall panels for exterior

Stone Veneer Sheets

Accent your interior walls with stone venner sheets, casting a delicately vintage appeal to the room.

exterior stone wall

Stone Brick Tiles

An application of Stone Bricks on the exterior wall creates beautiful, vibrant styling for the elevation.

Stone Wall Tiles

Colors and textures splattered across your home's interior can be infused with elegance with stone cladding tiles . Choose from our smooth plain wall panels for a sophisticated, sleek design in your living room, or one of our dazzling slate wall stone panels for a vibrant look in your office. Use softly textured sandstone wall panels in rustic colours to create an imperial, antique look on your accent walls, or use wall panels infused with stone mural to show off your artistic side in your master bedroom. Stone wall panel tiles, which are available in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns, breathe fresh life into the wall decor.

Give the living room wall a surreal, exquisite feel with rustic earthy tone stone panels. Stone Ideas's designers


collaborate with you to create your desired look and feel. 

grey stone wall panel
posiled stone mosaic

  Stone Wall Mosaic

Natural stones for wall mosaic are excavated from deep under the ground, where they have evolved through ages of significant natural processing. As a result, they exude an unrivalled natural appeal of ageless grace and elegance. 

As such, they express an abundant variety in colours and patterns in stone mosaic to pick from to complements your taste and personality. To create a contemporary interiors with a distinct design statement, contrast modern furnishings with historic architecture and imperial interconnecting stone mosaic tiles.

Decorate them with natural stone murals mosaic to provide a subtle grandeur to your home style. For a timeless aesthetic, use mild colours and natural stone on your external walls. Natural stones not only seem magnificent and opulent, but they also make a space feel warm and invitin. create an imperial, ancient effect on your accent walls with softly textured stone wall panels in rustic colours. Tiled mosaic made of natural stones available in a variety of hues and finishes to bring your interior spaces to life.

Thin Stone Veneer Sheets

Do you ever wish you could use the natural stone texture to embellish your small inside walls, internal partitions, or even atop your furniture to give it a royal touch?

  Stone tiles are sometimes too heavy for fragile surfaces to support, thus they are primarily used on solid interior and exterior walls and floors. Stone ideas's thin stone veneer sheets are ideal for this type of application.
Stone veneer are made by slicing slate and quartzite natural stones into very thin and flexible stone sheets, preserving the original texture, toughness, and resilience of the native stones while removing their weight and bulk. 
Veneer stone panels can be transparent or opaque.
Consequently, they are suitable for backlighting and ornamental sliding uses, Partitions, furniture, and cabinet fronts are all examples of this. With
The ability to be sliced into and its light weight
natural stone, ideal sizes and shapes
Veneer tiles can be used in a variety of ways.
your artistic expressions resonate with me!

thin stone venner for wall
stone tiles for living room wall decor

Stone Wall Bricks

Stone's beauty is in its styling!!
With an all new variety of stunning, sustainable stone cladding that will take the globe by storm, Stone Ideas is catching up with the traditional while keeping up with global trends in terms of design and appeal.
Stone bricks cladding are considerably more economical and imaginative solutions for giving your interior and outdoor wall design a regal, vintage rural atmosphere. Keeping a thread of familiarity flowing across the art for a unified look.Using soft, nature-inspired colours such as hazy blues, subtle sands, dove greys, and mossy greens to decorate a blank wall produces a peaceful vibe that welcomes you home after a hard day.

If you want drama, go for a dark colour stone tile, a bright colour for whimsy, or pastel stone brick tiles for a subtle impact.

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