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Stone Ideas

Welcome to STONE IDEAS. Everyone needs innovative and comprehensive solutions to be able to compete with their opponents in overcoming obstacles in today's competitive world. Innovation is a process that requires art. That’s because our products are built with best quality stone materials and the latest engraving technologies to meet the highest stone industry standards.
. At STONE IDEAS, we firmly grasp our clients' needs and set goals that are matched with them in order to get outcomes. Keep reading to learn more, and reach out with questions on what we have to offer.

buddha stone wall mural


The strategic planning process of Stone Ideas works on multiple levels for both B2B and B2C interactions.  We have a network of 35-50 dealers pan India currently and we constantly expand that network through
showcasing our projects and holding exhibitions on National level. At our home base Udaipur, we liaison with Architects and Interior designers for the application of our wall cladding and engraving products in their projects. We also organise
workshops for interior design and architecture students, so as to develop their knowledge about the possibilities and application of stone in various way. We procure raw materials from natural stone query, and then slice, finish, process and design the stone in our factory to get it ready for wall application. We have dedicated staff for the different steps in the whole process, up until on-site execution. The roles of all personnel are defined clearly and are constantly updated through discussions and experiences as we expand and grow as an organisation.


Become innovators and architects of stone designing, breaking all limitations and boundaries of natural stone design, application and
usage across the world. Expand the company, creating multiple dealerships and Franchise
stores pan India and across the world, reaching international audience through outlets and exhibitions. Working with the most current designs, trends and innovations in architecture, and the people
creating those trends. Creating a community of brilliant minds dedicated to growing together while pushing boundaries of design and
creation. Bring the best quality stone products and services to our clients.

natural stone cladding interiors
buddha stone mural


At Stone Ideas, we design and create natural stone products for application in interior and exterior spaces. Our products include
stone cladding, wall panels, stone wall mosaic tiles, Stone carving and engraving. We are constantly expanding our range of products and services, bringing in cutting-edge technology,
machinery and supporting products from around the world that help us pursue challenging designs and applications. We collaborate with the best architects and interior designers, as well as stone manufacturers
to bring the best products and services on the table. We have over 35-50 dealers pan India, and we love participating in exhibitions to
showcase our stone work, build experience and connect to the most brilliant minds in the interior design industry.

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