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Interior wall designs



Marble stone art

Strip Stone Cladding

Give any space a classy-formal appearance with Our exclusive strip stone cladding tiles.

stone wall art

Designer Stone Cladding

2D & 3D Carving done on  Natural Stone  to add an extra element to your walls.

wall covering ideas

Stone Wall Design

Natural stone cladding ideas to take inspiration from, for your home’s wall décor.


Stone carving design ideas

Engraving ideas

There's no better choice than Stone Art for high-end projects where aesthetics and craftsmanship are paramount. Investing in the eternal beauty of Natural stone is the simplest way to add richness to a project. These engraved stone panels are a great way to break up the bland walls, and the intriguing and lively veins that flow through the natural stone further add to the space's unique appeal. We can design an appealing assortment 2D & 3D engraved Stone wall panels using the most up-to-date CNC engraving technology. We stock the innate beauty of engraved stone claddings in astonishing styles and patterns to spruce up the ambience of corridors and entryways. natural stone carvings for home decor.

Stone Cladding

There are a lot of places to buy marble and other natural stone, but only one handles it as an art form: STONE IDEAS. For stunning locations and selective buyers, we specialise in stone. Nothing beats the look of a solid stone wall when it's finished. We provide a diverse assortment of stone wall tiles that ensure a distinguished appearance with no effort. Our sourcing experts stay on top of the newest design trends to bring you the most popular colours and patterns. Choose from one of our smooth textured plain wall panels for a sophisticated, sleek look in your office, or one of our rock face wall stone panels to liven up your living room. To show off your artistic side, decorate your bedroom walls with 3D carving merged with soft finish stone panels, or use gently textured stone wall panels in rustic colours to create an imperial, antique impression on your accent walls. Stone Ideas' designers will collaborate with you to attain your desired style and preferences.

office wall design ideas
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